Advocates for Cleveland Health (A4CH) is an organization in Case Western Reserve University dedicated to spreading information on public health and providing public health services through volunteering in free clinics, and health screenings. The goal is to create a healthier Cleveland by providing access to health care to individuals who are unable to do so. 

With our events and programs, we work to promote healthy living and health education not only in the Cleveland area, but also on campus. 

Collaboration with the Food Recovery Network to promote awareness on food awareness and how there is a lack of access to healthy food in impoverished regions. 

Our major events include Hula Hoops for Heart, where we promoted heart health through cardio and free healthy food for students, and the ACA Panel which gave well-rounded background information on the stipulations and effects of the Affordable Care Act without political influence. Providing accurate information about health for students is one of our main goals. 

hula hoops for heart

Students attended Hula Hoops for heart for cardio games and delicious heart-healthy foods.


Speaker Dr. Mark Votruba gives an economic perspective on the aspects and effects of the Affordable Care Act while students from many disciplines came in to learn. 

Along with various events, we volunteer around the Cleveland community and work with various organizations and hospitals to provide health screenings for individuals who are unable to afford or access health care. These screenings include checking weight, BMI, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Our goal is to provide every individual with access to health care regardless of socioeconomic status.