USG Elections Results for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Thank you to everyone who voted and to all of the candidates who ran! Congratulations to the new officers and representatives of USG!

Executive Positions


Position Elected Percent (Voting Round)
President Maya Rao 53.76% (Second)
Vice President of Academic Affairs Radhika Duggal 50.60% (Second)
Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Divya Manoharan 92.52% (N/A)
Vice President of Finance Sydney Davis 61.60% (Second)
Vice President of Public Relations Parv Sud 62.33% (First)
Vice President of Student Life Hersh Bhatt 57.26% (Second)
Chief Judicial Officer Omar Mahmoud 94.18% (N/A)


*Round refers to the instant run-off system that is applied in multi-candidate elections. If no candidate receives greater than 50% of votes, then they are eliminated per the ranking order and those voter's second choices are used. Ballots which are not ranked further are discarded per the USG Election Bylaws. This process repeats until one candidate has a majority of the votes.

Representative Positions

College of Arts and Sciences Representatives

Nadia Abbass

Kreem Agag

Naveena Bontha

Jasmine Cuenca

Kiran Desai

Marin Exler

Paritosh Joshi

Joey Kass

Elias Legman

Tim O'Shea

Emma Risley

Jay Sangani

Sienna Warshawsky

Dalia Zullig


School of Engineering Representatives

Max Berky

Anshul Dhingra

Adam Erlichman

Shannon Foran

Prince Ghosh

Emma Hammelef

Amogh Iyer

Sean Jose

Aayush Parikh

Bidisha Raychaudhuri

Josef Scheidt

David Suh

Hunter Stecko

Nadir Talha

Ryan Yoo

School of Management Representatives

Eli Abboud

Judah Drelich

Rishi Maheshwari

School of Nursing Representatives

Arissa Tee

Paul Siewierski

Vacancy that will be decided by the General Assembly on April 17


To download the full summary statistics for these races, please click here.