Starting a USG Organization

Why gain USG Recognition? As a USG Org, your group has access to many resources, both financial and organizational. These resources can be found on the Resource Page.

To apply to become recognized by USG, please fill out the following application on Orgsync:

As for the content of the application, we are looking for the following things:

  • 10 members listed on Orgsync
  • A Faculty/Staff Advisor
  • A Constitution (you can look through other organizations' pages on Orgsync, which should have good examples of complete constitutions)
    • The constitution must include a non-discrimination clause.
    • The statement of purpose should be clear and concise, and it needs to differentiate your org from any other USG-recognized orgs. Organizations should also not be so specific that they would have difficulties maintaining membership over time.

Once you have submitted the Orgsync application, set up a meeting with Vice President Rao ( to discuss your plans for the organization in an informal interview. 

  • After you have met with VP Rao, the USG Finance committee votes on sending the group's application to the USG General Assembly (GA), after which GA votes to officially recognize all groups in the form of a Recognition Bill.